We would like to continue challenging you with overwhelming escape room experiences, so we have worked hard on concepts to offer you that experience, from home or with the one and a half meter distance!

That's why we introduce 3 new concepts

  • Live Remote Escape Room
  • Combining two themes/rooms
  • Split Escape Room

Discover our new escape room possibilities and book today to experience these new concepts for yourself!

Live Remote Escape Room

Experience the Cabin in the Woods from a completely new perspective. Through a live video-feed we will take you on the exciting adventure and bring the spirit of Escape World to your living room. Support our hero to take on all the challenges! Solve all the puzzles and help our hero to escape before time runs out! Make clever use of the various maps, your inventory with items and the live video- and audio- feed to instruct our hero. Make haste, because time flies…

Combining two themes/rooms

Unique at Escape World: two team joint escape room experience! We combine two of our most successful themes into one spectacular story! Play with your team, but always a maximum of 2 players in 1 room. A completely new experience that pushes your teamwork to the limit! Discover how two seemingly different themes become intertwined and discover the secrets of our two team joint escape room experience.

Split Escape Room

Experience our existing rooms in a totally different way! Working together has never been more important. You will play one theme and one escape room, but will be split up and will only have one part of the escape room at your disposal. Only by working together and communicating will you find a successful resolution. Ready to test your team skills?

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