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Realistic escape games that will give you a cinematic experience!

Speel tot en met 9 februari onze online escape rooms! Daarna zijn onze fysieke kamers weer open.

  •   5 rooms
  •   23 people at the same time
  •   Rooms in Dutch and English


Are you looking for a fun experience for a party or teambuilding-event? Choose our unique escaperooms at Escape World. Play one of our beautiful rooms and try to solve all the original puzzles within 60 minutes.

Our escaperooms in Hoofddorp are suitable for guests that have never done an escaperoom before, but they are still very challenging for those that have played a lot of rooms before. Escape World Hoofddorp offers a challenge for everyone with our wonderfully designed decor and intrigue.


Booking one of our escape rooms in Hoofddorp can easily be done online! You can even book a room on the same day you wish to visit, depending on the availability. Any questions about our escaperooms in Hoofddorp? Have a look at our 'most asked questions' section. If your questions remain unanswered, feel free to contact us and we will gladly answer them for you!

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Of The Inca's Doom we have 2 identical rooms! This means you not only have to solve all the puzzles and escape the room... you will also compete with your colleagues, friends or family! Play boys vs. girls or management vs. workers. The team with the fastest time will be declared the winner!

Furthermore, we have The Grand Casino Part 1 and The Grand Casino Part 2 escape rooms in Hoofddorp. This means that after playing part 1, you must return to see what happens in part 2!


There are no fear factors or major physical activities present in our escaperooms.

Book with us if you are looking for a fun and unforgettable time with friends, family or colleagues. Our escaperooms are designed to be one of the nicest 60 minutes you will ever experience with your friends, family or partner. You will learn a lot about yourself and the rest of your team in a very short time and above all you will have a lot of fun. Additionally, Escape World Hoofddorp offers the unique combination of fun (bowling and escaperooms), delicious food (the Argentinian steak restaurant Barraca or pizzas) AND it is an excellent meeting and party venue. More information regarding dining, bowling and meetings on www.claus.nl

We have three rooms at Escape World Hoofddorp split into two different themes: 1x The Grand Casino and 2x The Inca’s Doom. Each theme has an exciting and different storyline, theme and decor. Each adventure has an entirely different set of puzzles and codes so you can come back to play our other rooms later and still enjoy the experience.

We also throw children's parties at Escape World Hoofddorp. The minimum age is 9 years for Inca's Doom and 12 years for The Grand Casino.Adults may supervise the room, but are not allowed to participate in the game! We also handle a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 children per game.

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How do I get to HOOFDDORP?

Plan je route!

  • From Haarlem / Heemstede (by car)
  • Exit Hoofddorp
  • Follow N201 direction Hoofddorp
  • Exit Haarlemmermeerse bossen
  • Follow the signs Claus / Courtyard
  • Busconnection from Schiphol
  • Zuidtangent busline 300
  • Exit at bus stop “Overbos”
  • From bus stop “Overbos” 5 min / 300 mtr walking
  • Busconnection from Haarlem
  • buslijn 340
  • Exit at bus stop “Overbos”
  • From bus stop “Overbos” 5 min / 300 mtr walking
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